Ten steps to tranquillity in mind and body

In the lives of many people things happen that cause long-lasting grief and sadness.       Just imagine, you lost a loved one due to illness or death.  An accident happened or you had to witness how a deadly disease painfully slowly took away the life of your child. Or as a child you were bullied over and over again and you could never escape in any way. Or – and this happens in the lives of many people – you were treated really unfairly much to your long lasting disadvantage and the grudge you bare in you keeps on hurting you. You were passed over for a promotion and you considered the person who got promoted in your place to be the absolute incompetent yo-yo.

All of these things can make your everyday life miserable. They can bring you grief and sadness as well as long lasting shame, which may sometimes feel worse than anything else.

It may not come to mind every day, but all memories that hold grief or shame or pain put us spiritually as well as physically in a vulnerable and damaging mode. They tend to make our reality sickening. You may think this is unrealistic and exaggerated, but it is not. Due to grief, shame or agony you may get sick or even die. An old expression that explains this quite sufficiently is: Mind over matter. Your mind rules your Physical existence.

What kind of answers do we see in our society to the up mentioned problems?                 Well, I am afraid that we should realise that certain companies see these problems as a source for profit. They will give you pills to sleep, against depression, as a matter of fact against anything you can think of and a whole lot more. You can also see your shrink on a regular basis for years on end and hope that he or she is able to take away your mental suffering that also afflicts your body.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not stating here that all up mentioned regular ways to cope with your mental misery are wrong. That would be really wrong doing to many good people. What I am trying to say is that I found a much simpler way. I developed a very simple and free of charge method  to clean up the major part of all consequences due to your past that got stuck in your memory and thus in your life.

Of course the attitude you start with is crucial. Know that what you are about to do means clearing out the damaging tender spots in your past that greatly ruin your everyday confidence and joy in life. To that purpose you have to realise that your reality is yours and yours alone and that you have the exclusive right to enter and change anything there.

I will now describe my method in ten steps.

1. Prepare for writing. In case you work solely on your computer you can skip the rest of this step and go to number 2. If you like to write with a pen on paper, which in my opinion brings you closer to yourself, I advise you to obtain a new pen and writing pad keeping in mind that you are about to do something you never did before and that obtaining a few new things may help to set you in the right mode.

2. Make sure that you are alone and that you will not be disturbed in any way. In this process you have to go alone all the way.

3. Start writing about the most painful and damaging experience in your life. Initially you may think that you don’t remember things exactly, but writing causes a slowdown in the in the course of your thoughts and you will remember more and more details. Be painfully accurate in your description of the memories that emerge. This may be rather emotional but that is how it should be. So don’t skip anything. Write it all down painful as it may be.

4. After a while you will notice that the source of memories dries up for the moment. That is good. It is time to stop, eat or drink something or just take a brake.

5. Put yourself again behind the text you wrote and start reading it out loud. Your voice is the vehicle of your emotions. with your voice, you bring the emotion out in the open. Many people have memories of terrible things in their lives but just when they start talking about these things the emotion and the tears will come out. So now you will feel those liberating, redeeming tears run down your face.

At this point I owe you an explanation. If you unwittingly eat something wrong, your bowels will react with diarrhea. This may feel quite unpleasant but it is the quickest way of your body to get rid of bad things. Your nervous system has a similar way of fast cleaning out unwanted material. We call that crying. Tears when wept over serious trouble contain waste products of the nervous system. So remember crying is not a sign of weakness but a very wise cleaning activity of the nervous system. It will stop automatically when it is done.

6. Now you have red out loud, you felt, you cried, slowly things calmed down inside you. Put your pen and writing pad aside and resume you normal daily activities.

7. After a few days you pick up that writing pad again and make sure you are alone. Again you start reading out loud what you wrote and again there may come new tears and again when emotions subside you put aside your text. Repeat this as often as it takes to be able to read what you wrote without feeling any emotion. You have now reached the point that this part of your past can no longer vitiate and haunt your life.

8. Now it is time to tear the pages you wrote from the pad and burn them. You’ve just cleared a malicious and disturbing part of your past that influenced your everyday life.

9. Pause a few days and enjoy the fact that you had the courage to go deep into your past and its influences on your life and to cope with one of you mayor problems.

10. Repeat the whole procedure as often as it takes so that one day when you look in a mirror you can say from the bottom of your heart: I am happy and I love the one person who really is the most important person in my life, Me!

Having listened to me or red this article I am sure you have an opinion and that is good. People without opinions are usually dead or fast asleep. However, I assure you that you will have a different opinion after you followed my method step by step.

Oh, and yes, I imagine that you may want to make these ten steps to tranquillity.

Well here it is. Feel free to use it


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